Also, mothers who are breast feeding should not take this drug as it\'s been found that Lorazepam can be passed to the nursing baby via breast milk. Accutane turns off the production of oil within the skin that is believed to be the causative agent in the formation of nodular acne. One of the main reasons to take Accutane is for the effective treatment of cystic acne. Stopping the pain and the spasms also has the benefit of speeding up when other therapies can be started in order to aid the body in repairing the trauma. about soma. Other reasons to take Valium including taking this medication to relax muscles. Diazepam. The FDA now recommends the initial dose of 6.25 milligrams for women and either 6.25 or 12.4 milligrams for men. 2010 Copyright © Don Gallo Mexican Grill Group, Inc.     Web Site by NEO7Designs